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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Where is Kananaskis?

ah, what a happy bunch of anarcho-syndicalists we are... (and I mean that in
a good way)    (01)

The instinct for empire is actually bang on topic. Short term self interest
leading to long term catastrophe - prisoner's dilemma on a global scale.
This is not a merely modern, or even historic, problem. the Pleistocene
overkill of some 15,000 years ago is not that different from current energy
policy, except that we really should know better by now.    (02)

What this tells me is that knowing better is not much help. What is needed
is a structural solution.    (03)

A friend of mine used to use the example of roundabouts (traffic circles) as
the pointer to a solution to this type of problem. To regulate traffic, keep
it moving, prevent crashes, you can have traffic lights, with lots of moving
parts, relatively high tech, hard to make efficient without making it even
higher tech, or you can ask drivers to change their behaviour, to be nice.
Or, you can rearrange the road such that the self interest of the individual
coincides with interest of all.    (04)

Incidentally, as an evangelical atheist I really cant see the problem.    (05)