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[ba-unrev-talk] Third Stage of KM

Possibly of interest:    (01)

The third stage that has emerged is taxonomy/ content.    (02)

"The three stages of KM    (03)

"Stage I: "by the Internet out of intellectual capital"    (04)

information technology;    (05)

intellectual capital;    (06)

the Internet (including intranets, extranets, etc.);    (07)

key phrases: "best practices" replaced by the more politic "lessons learned"
"    (08)

"Stage 2: human and cultural dimensions, the human relations stage;    (09)

communities of practice;    (010)

organizational culture;    (011)

the learning organization (Senge);    (012)

tacit knowledge (Nonaka) incorporated into KM;    (013)

key phrase: "communities of practice";"    (014)

"Stage 3: content and retrievability    (015)

structuring content and assigning descriptors (index terms);    (016)

key phrases: "content management" and "taxonomies";"    (017)

article by in KMWorld, March 2002, Vol 11, Issue 3    (018)

The third stage of KM emerges    (019)

Dr. Michael Koenig of Long Island University    (020)

rticle_ID=1223&Publication_ID=67>    (021)

Thanks,    (022)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson    (023)