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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] the paperless office

WHAT A RELIEF!  My work area looks like a gravitational accretion zone.  The 
trick is to balance the level of chaos (can it have levels?) with the need of 
reasonable retrieval times. You know, when what is needed has become snowed under.    (01)

What is really fun is the occasional clean-up. It is quite like an archeological 
dig.  It is always interesting to see what captured my momentary interest and 
was then left to become intellectual compost.    (02)

I wonder if this is an unacknowledged counter force to the success of knowledge 
management (e.g. CoDIAK?)    (03)

The more that I think on this, the more I have to say.  I guess that I owe it 
the author to go read the article before saying any more.    (04)

Gerald Pierce
Q. E. D. Services    (05)

Graham Stalker-Wilde wrote:
> Interesting article in the current issue of "The Economist" called "In
> Praise of Clutter".
> Essentially it's on the idea of clutter as an external memory device - using
> paper as a means of mapping pre-, or partially, categorized information.
> Makes a number of good points. One is the density of paper as an information
> storage medium compared to screens. Another is how much more convenient -
> and informative - it is to rearrange pieces of paper on a desk than windows
> on a screen. The most interesting area to me is perhaps the application of
> technology to filing/retrieval
> Worth a look.
> Graham Stalker-Wilde
> www.stalker-wilde.com
>     (06)