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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] SBC Wants Your Money: U.S. patent 5,933,841 (1999)Structured Document Browser

Thanks for the wake-up call, Henry.   You're absolutely accurate, but it is a fact that is made somewhat less apparent by the digital millennium act.

Henry K van Eyken wrote:
Quote from Gingerly's article: "It is hard to blame the company for
enforcing its intellectual property rights.  That's what patents are for
in the first place."

False. What patents are for in the first place is to stimulate
inventiveness for the public good.

At any rate, an interesting article. Wonder what move anyone can make
without infringing one patent or another!


On Wed, 2003-01-29 at 15:04, John J. Deneen wrote:
  Does SBC have a patent that will allow them to charge you for having a 
web page? Maybe, says Bob:

How I, Cringely Readers Can Overturn an Unpopular Patent

By Robert X. Cringely

This column is about U.S. patent 5,933,841, which was granted to the old 
Ameritech phone company in 1999, and is now owned by Ameritech's 
acquirer,SBC Communications.  It is a patent you will be hearing more 
about because nearly every modern web page appears to violate it, maybe 
even this one.  I HATE when that happens! ... more