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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] NYTimes.com Article: Conferees in Congress BarUsing a Pentagon Project on Americans

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 garyrichmond@rcn.com wrote:    (01)

> from the article:
> and that is: Stop the trifling of the civil liberties of
> law-abiding Americans."
> [...]
> Now, without a new law specifically authorizing its use and
> a new, specific appropriation to pay for it, the program
> could not be used against United States citizens. But it
> could be employed in support of lawful military operations
> outside the United States and lawful foreign intelligence
> operations conducted wholly against non-United States
> citizens.    (02)

Good to know that I can still be spied upon... What a vacuous tautological
terminology this is! By making it into law that foreign subjects can be
monitored, it is automatically 'lawful'. Note the subtle distinction
between 'lawful' and 'legitimate'.    (03)

Aldo    (04)

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