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Re: Fwd: Re: [ba-unrev-talk] War protests

d. Matt Placek wrote:
> I find it amusing how those opposing the current action have latched 
> onto this "crusade" term.  I suppose this is a labored attempt to 
> connotatively connect the current operation in Iraq with the middle ages 
> crusades by the roman church-- as if the current operations are 
> religiously motivated and specifically anti-islam.  Well, they may be 
> motivated by WMD and possibilities of supporting terrorism,  and they 
> may be motivated by oil concerns and dollar imperialism, but to 
> propagate this terminology suggesting religious motivation seems highly 
> irresponsible, and even laughable.    (01)

As far as I got it right from the history lessons at school (maybe they 
are different in US), the original "crusades" in Middle Ages had not 
much to do with religion. The crusades where brutal operations carried 
out long ways from home to depose rulers of these foreign countries.    (02)

The crusades were wars of aggression launched based on what ever reason: 
fear, economy, power politics, setting down different political and 
economical system to the conquered country. In crusades these reasons 
are represented as a "devout believe". The point is that there is a 
"believe". What ever was the reason the "crusades" were (and still are) 
totally uncivilized and out of any justice.    (03)

Somehow I see similarities between the Middle Ages crusades and the US 
"campaign" in Middle East.    (04)

	- Teemu    (05)

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