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At 01:51 PM 3/23/2003, Henry K. van Eiken wrote:
>A thing that troubles me is how to shift paradigms that are tied to
>nationalism and national/tribal histories and existing throughout the
>world to ones that may be felt among the entire world community, i.e. to
>paradigms tied to a chronology of progress in thinking on a
>world-community scale. This calls for an education and media that
>inculcate in all of us across the globe an understanding of cultural
>backgrounds worldwide and a learning from them - a tall order for
>education and media.    (01)

These words, coming from a man who lived his childhood in a nation occupied 
by invaders who were given to sending his neighbors on "vacations", strike 
me as terribly profound, important, and otherwise central to all of the 
discussions going on around the world at this time. I cannot agree more 
strongly with the notion that, no matter what we do in the future, we must 
find a way to work our way around those issues which have, as their roots, 
tribal behaviors.    (02)

I'd like to think that the factory-based education systems that most 
developed nations use would or could be found to be adequate for the job; 
it is my opinion that they are not so, and that, as appropriate to this 
discussion's occurrence as part of Douglas Engelbart's Unfinished 
Revolution, it is more than past time to think about the OHS/DKR paradigm 
in terms of augmentation, indeed, revolution in education as suggested by 
Henry. Slogans will never be enough.    (03)

Jack    (04)

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