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Jack.    (01)

Thank you for your supporting comments.     (02)

Relevant to DKR/OHS (and potential ancillary softwares), I should add
that the "overview" in my previous post is far from complete and that,
in balance, the sentiments I expressed in favor of the military actions
underway may well be offset by other factors. For example, I overlooked
that 60 % of Iraqis are Shi-ite and, hence, ideologically strongly
linked to Iran. A newly "democratic" Iraq may well develop a strong
fundamentalist tilt that then will reinforce Iran's. The now so despised
French premier, Jaques Chirac, is likely quite right in being concerned
about the effect of the war and a subsequent imposition of a
Western-controlled regime in Iraq on such Muslim intelligentia as a
highly political and activist clergy. (In the meantime, the incoming
leaders of Iraq are, it appears. not taking too kindly to a long
Coalition presence in their country.)    (03)

Thinking now about DKR/OHS, it must spawn tools that permit public
assessment of the potentials of alternative policies, and Earthlings 
must learn to efficiently avail themselves of those tools.    (04)

We have a long, long way to go.    (05)

Henry    (06)

On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 17:28, Jack Park wrote:
> At 01:51 PM 3/23/2003, Henry K. van Eiken wrote:
> >A thing that troubles me is how to shift paradigms that are tied to
> >nationalism and national/tribal histories and existing throughout the
> >world to ones that may be felt among the entire world community, i.e. to
> >paradigms tied to a chronology of progress in thinking on a
> >world-community scale. This calls for an education and media that
> >inculcate in all of us across the globe an understanding of cultural
> >backgrounds worldwide and a learning from them - a tall order for
> >education and media.
> These words, coming from a man who lived his childhood in a nation occupied 
> by invaders who were given to sending his neighbors on "vacations", strike 
> me as terribly profound, important, and otherwise central to all of the 
> discussions going on around the world at this time. I cannot agree more 
> strongly with the notion that, no matter what we do in the future, we must 
> find a way to work our way around those issues which have, as their roots, 
> tribal behaviors.
> I'd like to think that the factory-based education systems that most 
> developed nations use would or could be found to be adequate for the job; 
> it is my opinion that they are not so, and that, as appropriate to this 
> discussion's occurrence as part of Douglas Engelbart's Unfinished 
> Revolution, it is more than past time to think about the OHS/DKR paradigm 
> in terms of augmentation, indeed, revolution in education as suggested by 
> Henry. Slogans will never be enough.
> Jack
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