[unrev-II] Fw: ANN: VirtualXML ConCourse - a unique learning environment

From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 07:26:50 PDT

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    I am forwarding this to the Unrev group. It appears to be a new instance of
    collaborative learning, being conducted by folks of good intentions and
    tremendous experience in this field.

    > >The VirtualXML ConCourse is an electronic learning community for XML and
    > >registration for the first 3 month session is now open. XML-DEV has
    > >that the virtual environment can produce a community of experts and a
    > >spirit in which unique achievements can be created. The founders, Peter
    > >Murray-Rust and Henry Rzepa, have now extended this concept to include
    > >newcomers to XML. In our "ConCourse" everyone can experience the same
    > >atmosphere and excitement in a learning environment.
    > >
    > >The ConCourse has a very rich XML environment with lots for everyone. It
    > >creates a collaborative approach where you share your knowledge,
    > >and experience with others who have complementary skills. Whether you
    > >no previous knowledge of XML, or have successfully mastered some of the
    > >basics your horizons and creativity will expand. The ConCourse's
    > >learning path has many options for personal diversion and self assessment
    > >on the way. Tutorial guidance is completely electronic, including the
    > >leading WebCT system.
    > >
    > >Although membership is by subscription, some of our specially prepared
    > >material is publicly available. All materials, including the ConCourse
    > >itself, are created in XML and you can see:
    > > - examples of the ConCourse architecture
    > > - XML over the wire (including SVG and CML)
    > > - A glossary of XML terms - in XML
    > > - examples of our detailed tutorial and installation
    > > - slide shows and talks about XML, created in XML
    > > - rendering and printing XML
    > >
    > >Our approach is through communal projects, discussion and "learning by
    > >doing". Members receive a 350 MByte CDROM to give members a very wide
    > >variety of XML tools so they can carry out all basic XML operations. We
    > >give detailed instructions on how to load, run, and interpret results.
    > >CDROM also contains the complete searchable archives of XML-DEV until
    > >
    > >We are delighted to announce that we have been joined in the ConCourse
    > >
    > > Ken Holman, Crane Softwrights Ltd.
    > > Simon St. Laurent
    > >
    > >Ken and Simon are leading figures in XML and have written, tutored and
    > >lectured copiously. Ken is the author of an unique set of electronic
    > >material for XSLT, and Simon is the author of several best selling XML
    > >books. They will be joining us to share their insights into XML and to
    > >provide the latest news and views on key areas.
    > >
    > >The VirtualXML ConCourse is at http://nt.venus.co.uk:8900/public/xml01/
    > >the VirtualXML ConCourse public arena at http://www.cmlconsulting.com/.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >Peter Murray-Rust. (CML, VHG and XML-DEV)
    > >CMLC and VirtualXML ConCourse: http://www.cmlconsulting.com/
    > >CML http://www.xml-cml.org/
    > >Virtual HyperGlossary http://www.vhg.org.uk/

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