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From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 11:02:27 PDT

* Eugene Eric Kim <> [000804 23:11]:
> As I mentioned at yesterday's meeting, we're at the point where we can
> really start to use volunteer help. There are many things, both technical
> and nontechnical, that we need to do to get to the next level.
> One thing I want to make clear up front is that, beyond Doug, there is no
> hierarchy. This may be a problem later on, but I think the group is small
> enough so that we can work effectively this way. What it means is that
> the only requirements to contribute are enthusiasm, a willingness to
> collaborate, and a little bit of time.

Well, unofficially I think people percieve a heirarchy based on amount
of time contributed. Is it more accurate to say that there are no
specifically delegated responsibilites and/or sub-project authorities?
A core group of people will naturally coalese and people will adapt
accordingly. Right now I propose we leave permissions wide open to all
participants (and outside people when possible) until we have a need to
change this. I hope we never have to.

> Here are the tasks that I see an immediate need for:
> [...]
> I'm going to list some names of people who have volunteered to help with
> particular tasks. This is by no means a binding contract; if you want to
> do something else or if I made a mistake, point them out. Those of you
> who haven't spoken up yet, if there are areas to which you want to
> contribute, speak up!
> Use cases/Requirements maintenance -- Eugene
> General writing -- Eric, Eugene
> Coding -- Eric, Eugene, Grant, Lee, Shinya
> Web site -- Nicholas
> System administration -- Shinya
> One final comment/plea. We're all volunteers here, and all feedback is
> meaningful. Please don't hesitate to make your thoughts known.

I went ahead and transferred this list with comments, guestimated dates
and initial members to the task list section of SourceForge. I think
it's publically editable, but can someone confirm this? I hope I am not
presuming too much by doing this, but I think everyone can benefit from
the visibility of actions and implementors. Maybe we can get inquiries
going from outside people more quickly.


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