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From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 10:13:17 PDT

* Eugene Eric Kim <> [000804 23:36]:
> Here's my attempt at categorizing and ordering the contents on the OHS web
> site:
> -- central aggregator and launching point for OHS
> - Marketing spiels. Brief introduction, FAQs, call for contributors,
> etc.
> - Publications. Doug's many papers on OHS development.
> - mailing list info and archivesA

Do we have links to all of the different mailing lists that have been
used? This may be tremendously helpful, an index to the subjects and
purposes of each list.

> - Developer documentation (some of this stuff should probably go on

Is there a link to the Wiki from these pages yet?

> - Use Case/Requirements
> - Design specs
> - Links to pertinent articles, specs, and software.

John, do you still have all the links you have suggested? If you get it
into HTML format, I will gladly plop it into the wiki for you.

> - License
> - User documentation
> - Link to
> -- support infrastructure for development
> - CVS repository
> - bug tracking
> - ftp/http distribution of source code
> - link to
> Comments?

This is a great outline. One thing that I have had trouble getting to
is the information stored on teh Stanford servers about the last two
years of activity. I thnk this is perhaps outside the scope of the OHS,
but worthy of effort to at least get a set of 1/2 dozen links to the
different resources over there.

Nicolas, is there some automated way you can weblint the site to verify
links and automatically email someone with this info?

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