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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 03:19:22 PDT

For a long time have I, a mere computer user, wondered about any potential
connection between the OHS project and such operating systems as Linux and
BeOS. The recent note on this list about a potential DOS-based version of
Augment further raised my interest in this issue as does the potential of
seeing these systems on devices as small as palmtops (PocketLinux, BeIA).

Following Grant's link, I learned that another Knight of the Round Table,
Sun Microsystems, has announced that Gnome 2.0 will be the desktop for the
Solaris system, replacing CDE. "To defend what was and the dream of what
could be."


Grant Bowman wrote:

> Can someone else please take a look at
> and let me know if the
> architecture is as good and modular as I think it is? It's an open
> source project related to the currently popular GNOME environment. It
> has an architecture where the mechanics and GUI have been carefully
> seperated.
> How anyone else made it to LinuxWorld in San Jose? One view of the show
> is fouind at
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