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From: Joe D Willliams (
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 03:19:30 PDT

Joe> Please excuse me if I repeat myself as I try to restate the
> current implemetation idea.
> A first step is an application that gives the ability to
> archive standard e-mail messages in a standardized XML form.
> A method to view the archive contents is provided.
> Next, I want to retrieve one of these documents and view it
> in an environment that allows me to copy and paste an element
> or part of an element from it into another working document,
> along with my own comments and links.
> The elements taken from the original document maintain
> links back to the original document so I can easily find the
> original source of the information.
> Finally, when the content of the document I am working on is ready,
> I can convert it to a standard e-mail form for distribution and archive.
> Does this descibe this current step in this OHS development?
Eugene> Yes, it does.

OK, then I need some help. One way to do this is by scratch building the
complete interface to multiple documents and a browser.
If we do this it should be done completely in OpenGL mainly using
This would give us a self-contained workspace with outstanding 2D and 3D
capabilities. A port to DirectX would allow it to work cross-platform,
meaning that it could run in most any browser environment.

Another way is to develop this using the w3c DOM interface to documents and
the browser. Using the standard DOM interface to detect the copy and paste
interactions and Java and ECMA Script to perform the user interactions and
text transfer between windows would allow it to work cross-platform.

The problem is, the DOM isn't (or may not be) quite there yet.
Here is part of the table of contents of the DOM2 recommendation at

Chapter 1: Document Object Model Core
Chapter 2: Document Object Model HTML
Chapter 3: Document Object Model Views
Chapter 4: Document Object Model StyleSheets
Chapter 5: Document Object Model CSS
Chapter 6: Document Object Model Events
Chapter 7: Document Object Model Traversal
Chapter 8: Document Object Model Range
Appendix A: Changes
Appendix B: Accessing code point boundaries
Appendix C: IDL Definitions
Appendix D: Java Language Binding
Appendix E: ECMA Script Language Binding
Objects Index

The DOM provides open standard reference definitions for interactivity with
the document. Not all of the recommended interfaces are implemented in open
source form for our use. Not all, but certain interfaces in practically
Chapter are needed, or would be useful, to perform the copy and paste task
described above. Some of these interfaces can be implemented in Java and
ECMA Script running in an XML enabled browser, and I would say that is our
main goal. Other interfaces may need deeper integration with the browser to
get what we need.
A quick study of Appendix B shows the extent to which this work is designed
to manifest Doug's goals.

So I guess it boils down to me saying that if work is proceeding on the
above copy and paste project, first look at DOM and implement the necessary
At least look at DOM to get some structural and logical recommendations for
interface functionality. Maybe I'm overdoing it a small bit, but many of the
above recommendations were designed specifically to satisfy Doug's
requirements for interactivity and collaboration.

Thank You and Best Regards,

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