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Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 03:57:29 PDT

* Henry van Eyken <> [000817 10:18]:
> For a long time have I, a mere computer user, wondered about any potential
> connection between the OHS project and such operating systems as Linux and
> BeOS. The recent note on this list about a potential DOS-based version of
> Augment further raised my interest in this issue as does the potential of
> seeing these systems on devices as small as palmtops (PocketLinux, BeIA).

I think the nature of a system with different interfaces possible allows
all kinds of clients to participate, yes. I heard one of the lead
developers of GNOME and Evolution speak on Tuesday, and this is possible
with Evolution as well. Evolution is a groupware type product focused
on email and calendaring with some great technology behind it.

We are targeting open source developers as a target community, right? I
hope people get a chance to get to the show to check it out. Let me
know if you need a free Exhibits pass. There's only one more day though
of the official show. Netscape and Mozilla have their own event on

> Following Grant's link, I learned that another Knight of the Round Table,
> Sun Microsystems, has announced that Gnome 2.0 will be the desktop for the
> Solaris system, replacing CDE. "To defend what was and the dream of what
> could be."

<SuSE soapbox>
GNOME got some big press this week. HP said HPUX will also be using the
GNU Network Object Model Environment. IBM is also behind GNOME as are
Caldera and Red Hat. SuSE has a slightly different view, but I hope
that it will also endorse this as well as the KDE resources and work we
are doing as a copmany. I have spoken to a few people about this
already at SuSE. During the conference, Kurt Granroth (lead KDE
developer, SuSE employee) spoke regarding from the K Desktop
Environment's perspective.

We have some important folks in town for the show such as Dirk Hohndel,
our CTO (speaking on XFree 4.0) and Markus Rex, our head of development.
They are both visiting from our German HQ. We have also announced at
the show our 7.0 product. Please email me if interested in a demo
version that runs off of CD-ROM similar to the one that will be shipping
with all IBM servers in Europe (announced at the show).
</SuSE soapbox>


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