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From: Lee Iverson (
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 11:40:18 PST

In message <002801c07905$756aba20$673619d0@computer>, "N. C a r r o l l" writes
>> And this is actually the only difficult design issue that needs to be
>> resolved given this architecture: when a Node is updated, do all
>> documents which reference that Node automatically get updated as well?
>? I don't think there's a choice there, since many links will
>inevitably be hard-coded into legacy docs. (But perhaps
>you're strictly referring to OHS-conforming docs.)

Ah, but I haven't even started talking about links yet (or
OHS-conforming docs for that matter). I'm only considering reuse of
content within a repository (a la XInclude or somesuch).

Links and link management are a whole other matter entirely.

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