Open Source License revisit

From: Jack Park (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 12:06:25 PST

Posted on both lists.
This is the web page of the jabber license. The following paragraph makes
clear a very important point:
"In addition, there are some nuances that the JOSL protects but the MPL
doesn't. The major difference between the JOSL and the MPL is in making sure
that third parties cannot claim patent infringement against the Licensor by
downloading and using the product in the first place! This is a pretty
subtle point (except to those who have to manage intellectual property
rights). All in all, the JOSL is intended to be a well-written open source
license that builds on the strengths of the MPL while including some subtle
improvements of an "evolutionary" nature. We at believe that the
JOSL - or a general Open Source License derived from the JOSL - will give
Open <> Source
Enterprises the greatest possible freedom to provide the most beneficial
software possible. "
The verbiage in the preamble at
"If you assert any patent claims against the Licensor relating to the
Licensed Product, or if you breach any terms of the License, your rights to
the Licensed Product under this License automatically terminate."
All in all, it seems that everyone ought to read the entire page and look
closer at the JOSL license. It's origin is MPL.

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