Re: OHS Ontology from Augment

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 13:56:12 PST

* Grant Bowman <> [001124 12:22]:
> [...]
> The OHS is a new implementation of an older idea. I have lodged in my
> mind that we can re-use some of the effort done on a particular previous
> implementation. I am also biased since I work with one of the companies
> trying to prove the Open Source model, SuSE.
> I believe I have the tools to create an ontology, jext and graphmaker.
> I think with an afternoon and the Augment manual I have (Augment,
> Supporting Online Collaboration) I could whip something out from some of
> the descriptions at the beginning of each section. I will give it a
> try.
> [...]
> I will let you all know when I have something to show. Though I haven't
> seen him post, I hope Mark is on this list. I want to verify that this
> is effective use of time compared to whatever other tasks are planned
> for the OHS project proper.
> [...]

Here is where you can find the results. I added links to the files
directly. I thought I could translate them to XML easily with
GraphMaker and Jext, I remember doing it before, but it escapes me now.
Jack, any ideas?

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