Re: OHS Ontology from Augment

From: Jack Park (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 14:14:12 PST

I believe that the only version of GraphMaker that does XML is the version I
sent you. One of these days, I hope to put it up on the web for others to
download. I modified the GML classes to be XML classes, specifically with
an early version of XTM, the XML topic map dialect. Right now, it needs to
be updated to reflect the latest XTM. Haven't had time to do that yet.

GraphMaker could, in theory, be cleaned up and made into an applet, or,
perhaps it could be constructed to output SVG so that it could be coupled
into a servlet. Lots to think about there.


From: Grant Bowman <>

> * Grant Bowman <> [001124 12:22]:
> > [...]
> > The OHS is a new implementation of an older idea. I have lodged in my
> > mind that we can re-use some of the effort done on a particular previous
> > implementation. I am also biased since I work with one of the
> > trying to prove the Open Source model, SuSE.
> >
> > I believe I have the tools to create an ontology, jext and graphmaker.
> > I think with an afternoon and the Augment manual I have (Augment,
> > Supporting Online Collaboration) I could whip something out from some of
> > the descriptions at the beginning of each section. I will give it a
> > try.
> > [...]
> > I will let you all know when I have something to show. Though I haven't
> > seen him post, I hope Mark is on this list. I want to verify that this
> > is effective use of time compared to whatever other tasks are planned
> > for the OHS project proper.
> > [...]
> Here is where you can find the results. I added links to the files
> directly. I thought I could translate them to XML easily with
> GraphMaker and Jext, I remember doing it before, but it escapes me now.
> Jack, any ideas?
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