Re: PLink availability/feature requests

From: Jack Park (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 07:23:05 PDT

Open questions:

If you renumber something, what happens to all the links that relied on the
sequence? Is renumbering only allowed during original creation of a
document, and, in turn, not allowed later (i.e. documents may only be
annotated, not revised)? <thesis>after you publish a document, scanners will
build links that will be near impossible to maintain unless an enormous
database of link dependencies is maintained</thesis>

From: Henry van Eyken <>
> Murray.
> Re feature requests, the bootstrap pages need purple numbers for graphics
> for tables as well. Furthermore, we need to renumber from time to time
> paragraphs, etc. are deleted or added, i.o.w. we need to remove existing
> numbers and replace new numbers. In some cases (see e.g. on page
> )
> I use reverse chronological numbering to avoid renumbering when doing
> but Doug Engelbart is not keen about that. He merely tolerates me doing
so. So
> here again, the renumbering feature would be helpful.
> It would be best if I could begin numbering at any heading of my choice.
> looking at bootstrap pages, it would be best to look at the ones without
> margins. There is some aditional fudging going on in the margins as you
> observe by comparing the pages with margins with those without margins.
> I very much appreciate your efforts,
> Henry van Eyken,
> webmaster, Bootstrap Institute

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