Re: PLink availability/feature requests

From: Murray Altheim (
Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 12:20:17 PDT

Henry van Eyken wrote:
> Murray.
> Re feature requests, the bootstrap pages need purple numbers for graphics and
> for tables as well. Furthermore, we need to renumber from time to time when
> paragraphs, etc. are deleted or added, i.o.w. we need to remove existing
> numbers and replace new numbers. In some cases (see e.g. on page
> )
> I use reverse chronological numbering to avoid renumbering when doing updates,
> but Doug Engelbart is not keen about that. He merely tolerates me doing so. So
> here again, the renumbering feature would be helpful.
> It would be best if I could begin numbering at any heading of my choice. If
> looking at bootstrap pages, it would be best to look at the ones without
> margins. There is some aditional fudging going on in the margins as you may
> observe by comparing the pages with margins with those without margins.
> I very much appreciate your efforts,

Woof. Okay, I *know* I won't get this into version 1.0, but I'll
certainly consider your suggestions, which sound like good ones. My
approach to setting which element would begin the sequence would be
by ID. You'd state on the command line:

  java plink -x source.html -I "id1" -i "id2 id3 id4"

This would begin numbering at ID "id1" and reset the counter at IDs "id2",
"id3" and "id4". Would that suit?

I tend to agree with Doug on the reverse chronological numbering, as I
think that would be counterintuitive for many people. No offense, but
the goal here isn't the ease of webmasters but the readers.


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