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[ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: Technologies for Education: Potential, Parameters, and Prospects

>We are pleased to inform you, as a subscriber to TechKnowLogia, that a new 
>book, "Technologies for Education: Potential, Parameters, and Prospects 
>has just been published by UNESCO and The Academy for Educational 
>Development (AED). It is now available on AED's web site in a PDF format 
>similar to the printed copy. The whole book or individual chapters may be 
>viewed or downloaded.
>The URL is: http://www.aed.org/publications/TechEdInfo.html
>The book was prepared by Knowledge Enterprise, Inc., the publisher of 
>TechKnowLogia and draws in certain chapters on articles published in 
>Editors: Wadi D. Haddad, Editor of TechKnowLogia, and Alexandra Draxler, 
>Senior Program Specialist at the International Institute of Educational 
>Planning (UNESCO)
>Drawing on the wealth of worldwide knowledge and experience, this book 
>outlines the rationales and realities of Information and Communication 
>Technologies (ICTs) for education, examines the options and choices for 
>applying them, and summarizes a series of case studies that illustrate 
>modalities of integrating ICTs into learning systems in different 
>settings. The Book explores how ICTs can promote improvements in 
>educational reach and delivery, content, learning outcomes, teaching, 
>quality, and pertinence in developing countries.
>You may wish to call the attention of your friends and colleagues to this 
>URL. You may also wish to arrange for a link to this URL on web sites that 
>you are associated with.    (01)

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