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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Denning & quality

Oh Boy! That memory of mine needs a kick in the you-know-where! I could have
sworn that the "quality-first" man was Denning.  Nevertheless, thanks for
pointing this out.    (01)

Actually, Dennis, this brings up a point of significance to augmenting the
human intellect - to utilize, if we can so manage, digital support for false
memories, aging brains, brains otherwise afflicted.    (02)

I know that my brains play tricks on me, some much worse than this little faux
pas. The important thing is not to be embarrassed about it but to do th best
with what one has got.  Which begins with being just plain objective.    (03)

Proghrammes have been making all sorts of calendars, post-it notes, organizers,
what-have-you. The next step would be to find some way to alert users to where
their memory needs course correction. Looks like a pretty tall order, but then
again ...    (04)

Recently, I saw a report that memory mishaps are not so much the result of a
loss of brain cells, but because of some deficiency in some mental circuit.
Which suggests that work need be dome not so much on correcting data stored in
memory, but on certain mechanisms of the brain. That ought to reduce the
problem.    (05)

Really, I should have been replying about Peter Denning's credentials. At this
point I am just intending to pay attention to the gentleman's accomplishments.    (06)

Henry    (07)

"Dennis E. Hamilton" wrote:    (08)

> Very cool.
> Are you connecting Denning and Deming?
> Peter has been writing some great things about our relationship to work,
> commitments, and success/mastery/expertise.  He writes the "Profession of
> IT" column in the Communications of the ACM and I commend his latest article
> to the readers of this list, since it has a lot to say about the prospects
> of expert systems and the difference in educational modes for experts as
> opposed to beginners and entry professionals.  I think this has a big impact
> on augmentation and what one can expect from it.
> Denning, Peter J.  Career Redux.  column: The Profession of IT.  Comm. ACM
> 45, 9 (September 2002), 21-26.
> I don't think it is on-line (yet).
> -- Dennis
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> With a name like Denning and writing about value skills, this commands a
> read:
> http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/views/p_denning_2.html
> (but I am off to scholl now).
> Henry    (09)