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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: Dougals Engelbert ??

a mistake is no excuse for rudeness
I have to agree. Civility goes a long way on the net. Gary

ADM Staff wrote:

Hi Matthew,

I'm happy to have my typo below corrected but a mistake is no excuse for rudeness.  I wish you had examined the WWO before sending this kind of rebuke.  `Spam', as I'm sure you know, is inappropriatge and unsolicited material.  I am not only a member of this list but WWO was influenced by, and is relevant to, many issues involving data interconnectivity and Douglas work on hypertext and other matters. 

Cordially, Eric Sommer

 Matthew Schneider wrote:

On Thursday 05 September 2002 10:08, ADM Staff wrote:
> Dougals Engelbert's

(lauging) Who's Dougals Engelbert? You would think that if you were going to
spam this list you would at least spell Doug Engelbart's name correctly.

Matthew A. Schneider

Advanced Data Management Systems
Email: staff@adm21.net
website: http://www.adm21.net

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