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[ba-unrev-talk] My apology, Re: Dougals Engelbert ??

On Thursday 05 September 2002 22:06, ADM Staff wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> I'm happy to have my typo below corrected but a mistake is no excuse for
> rudeness.  I wish you had examined the WWO before sending this kind of
> rebuke.  `Spam', as I'm sure you know, is inappropriatge and unsolicited
> material.  I am not only a member of this list but WWO was influenced by,
> and is relevant to, many issues involving data interconnectivity and
> Douglas work on hypertext and other matters. Cordially, Eric Sommer    (01)

Eric,    (02)

I misread ADM as ADV and thence only gave your post a cursory review. I'll 
make sure I read more closely next time. Please accept my apologies.    (03)

Regards,    (04)

Matthew A. Schneider    (05)