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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] NYTimes.com Article: An Uncertain Trumpet

John,    (01)

Actually, in the end, I think the thread was started by me :o)  I strongly 
believe that there are some important points of interest coming out of the 
results of the conference cited here. Gary jumped in with more material, 
Aldo added some more, but, if I'm not mistaken, and I think I'm pretty wide 
awake here, the only bashing and heavy-handed verbiage came from you.    (02)

Since we are both offering opinions in a, what the hell,  GOF 
not-too-productive pissing contest, I would have to offer my own opinion 
that your statements ring pretty knee-jerkish, right up there with mine! 
"Nefarious tentacles" indeed. "liberal bile" and "Finnish ecoterrorists" 
are terms I would have expected to come from Rush Limbaugh, who has a 
entertainer's reputation to uphold. Those terms coming from the leader of a 
forum on knowledge management, OTOH, are a rather unexpected, and 
disappointing surprise.    (03)

The really sad part about this particular pissing contest is that I think 
you have some useful points to make. I think, however, that the protocols 
you have chosen to apply to making those points are, in my own personal 
opinion, far less than diplomatic, polite, or even useful to this forum. I 
do not think I am at all qualified to be a "net-nanny" in this forum, for 
I, too, have gone on outrageous bashing binges in the past.  But, I have 
chosen to do so now simply because, for me, your venomous rhetoric simply 
overflowed my own buffers, and they are pretty deep!    (04)

A point you make that I would argue with is this:    (05)

"...bilateralism ... worked GREAT [for the US] for 150 years."    (06)

I tend to think that one of the tenets of good knowledge management covers 
the issue of forecasting, and, in light of the quoted point you make, I 
tend to think that, from time to time, a good knowledge manager would take 
the time to challenge past assumptions, of which the quoted point is an 
instance. As the leader of a knowledge management community, one that 
regularly hosts lively and engaging speakers on a range of topics, I would 
think that you would want to hold that point up for a penetrating 
examination, and I would think you would want to do that real soon now.    (07)

Jack    (08)

At 11:41 AM 9/9/2002 -0700, John Maloney wrote:
>Thanks for your thoughtful message.
>You might have your wires crossed.
>This thread was not started by me!
>I reject the typical, knee-jerk response to anyone that might criticize
>the phony international organizations like the UN and it's nefarious
>tentacles of WTO, GATT, NAFTA and the ilk.
>These groups are deeply flawed. They are the cause, in large part, to
>the VERY problems Aldo was hinting too.
>Wake up.
>To try an ameliorate some of the biggest barriers to unrev is a
>legitimate use of the forum.
>Illigetimate liberal bile from the NY Times and Finnish ecoterroists is
>US Foreign Policy works fine WITHOUT the consent of the UN. It's called
>bilateralism and it worked GREAT for 150 years.
>-jtm    (09)

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