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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] NYTimes.com Article: An Uncertain Trumpet

Jack,    (01)

Thanks again for your message.     (02)

Again, I did NOT start this exercise. Since you did, then you are
welcome to kill this thread anytime.    (03)

Please re-read the verbiage in the ridiculous editorial you sent.     (04)

My response was in-kind; stooping to the level of histrionics and
exaggeration was simply a technique to point out the idiocy and leanings
of the editorial content.    (05)

Calling the USA a "Rogue Nation" is beyond the pale, for example.    (06)

Please give your double standard a rest. It is unbecoming and
counterproductive.    (07)

While you at it, please try to be more circumspect with such volatile,
out-of-touch blather from the NY Times. Of course all editorial content
is welcome as long it carries some merit and is not so incendiary.    (08)

-jtm    (09)

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