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[ba-unrev-talk] NYTimes.com Article: An Uncertain Trumpet

I am pleased to belong to a community that is capable of demonstrating
diversity in dialogue.     (01)

Talking about trumpets......    (02)

And " more organic, direct and community oriented methods " quoting from
JTM's most recent post.     (03)

How about the Unrev list consider spontaneously participating in an
organic direct, community event?    (04)

There are few pieces of classical music more sublime than the 
Mozart Requiem Mass, it's way up there on my all time top 10 list. 
There is a global chain of performances underway on 9/11/02 in a musical
acknowledgement that might particularly suit those who are beyond words.    (05)

For example, here at Stanford, there will be a community performance
starting 8:46 am at the Stanford Memorial Church. I'm planning to be
there, and have encouraged Doug to attend.    (06)

Let's use the WWW and the hyperlinking originally envisaged by Doug in
the 60's to go from text to tunes, from memories to music, from images
to imagination. Here's how:    (07)

If you're so inclined, attend. That's it. .    (08)

To find the performance near you, look up your city and Mozart Requiem
Mass in a search engine.    (09)

In the spirit of an Unrev Moment Musicale    (010)

Mei Lin     (011)

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Aldo,    (013)

You comments are really the underlying structure to the points I was
making.     (014)

Mankind -always- overbuilds structures that eventually and very
painfully get crushed under their own weight -- taking along millions
with them.    (015)

>From bloated operating systems to monster legacy applications, a
defective human behavior is to continue building and building and
building with the identical techniques and methods.     (016)

Lew Platt, the former CEO of HP knew this well. He used the somewhat
disturbing metaphor, "Sometimes you need to kill you children." The
concept is central to innovation, success and above all, thriving
ecosystems.    (017)

Look, every EMPIRE in human history has been a violent failure.
Overreaching political and economic structures ALWAYS fail and leave a
wake of death and destruction. From Ottoman to the USSR from Rome to
London, from Berlin to Tokyo, economic integration leads to political
integration leads to war and death. It is that simple.       (018)

The cause has as much to do with human brain physiology and it does with
defects in personality and character.    (019)

The Framers knew this extremely dangerous, fatal phenomenon too, hence
the 10th Amendment -- "The powers not delegated to the United States by
the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to
the States respectively, or to the people."    (020)

That's point about meta-government like the UN, the World Court and
other flawed instruments of globalization. They flat-out do not work and
are extremely dangerous too.     (021)

If you examine human history, and the current environment, you must draw
the same conclusions. The world is on the wrong path of economic
integration and globalism -- and it is very scary. In the end, it will
fail, probably very violently, as all empires do.     (022)

Sept 11 could be viewed as a taste of what's in store. Ironic that US
media never examines the root -causes- of the attack. Not to mention
well over 60% of Canadians and Europeans feel the West bears direct
responsibility through its overreaching foreign and economic policies,
support of corrupt globalization adventures and acquiescence on
supra-government. The foolish media are more concerned with OBL's
celebrity status. How about the economic and political
disenfranchisement of hundreds of millions of people by a handful of
unelected elites on 1st Ave., Wall St. and GVA?      (023)

The call today is to retire these flaw supra-governments in favor of far
more organic, direct and community oriented methods. The same goes for
many of the principles of unrev including a far greater commitment to
standards, for example.    (024)

Regards,    (025)

-jtm       (026)

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Dear all,    (028)

I'm happy to say that John and I managed to find some common ground
'behind the scenes'. Perhaps an example for our world leaders? :-)    (029)

Let me briefly explain how I see the topic of this thread fit in with
the scope of this list.    (030)

I think the US joining vs. withdrawing from the international scene
discussion-wise is an excellent case of open vs. closed systems,
improving/evolving vs. destroying the system, rational vs. power-based
discourse, etc. We might learn something here for the kind of organic,
healthy socio-technical systems development that Doug proposes.    (031)

Regards,    (032)

Aldo    (033)

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