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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] Ockham's Razor

> local human
> ecosystems driving independence, tradition, values, organic economics
> and politics are back in fashion.     (01)

>Today, Sept 14, when
> asked if Iraq deserves 'one more chance,' Bush remarked, 'The UN has one
> more chance.'    (02)

So why is the US not staying 'local' in its approach to Iraq now?
It can't be a 'local ecosystem' and imperialist at the same time can it.    (03)

Your 'arguments' are not consistent.    (04)

Peter    (05)

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> Greetings,
> This message to unrev started as a protest to all the flaky politics and
> goofy 'antiwar' (?) messages -- until this brilliant post came through.
> Here is an outstanding comment, exposing once-and-for-all the root
> problems with all the daft global engineering of the criminal
> 'free-trade' organizations like the WTO and NAFTA.
> >Now they're 
> >solving this problem by a huge effort to sweep away all the tariffs and
> >protection and arrangements which previously enabled large numbers of 
> >people and regions to produce and sell things. The freedom of trade has
> >been made into the supreme sacred value and anything which restricts 
> >the access of the big corporations and banks to resources and markets 
> >is being eliminated.
> The 'global economy' is a cooked-up farce, man. 
> >A society is made up of many intangible social bonds, ties, commitments
> >and relations - for example, bonds of familiarity, friendship, trust, 
> >obligation, morality and tradition.
> This is another incredibly significant remark reinforcing the
> characteristics of a healthy, independent, and peaceful world. 
> Unfortunately, these qualities are being deliberately abrogated by the
> failed United Nations, its choir of obtuse sycophants and its insidious
> drive towards undemocratic world government.
> Society thrives and develops on proximate relationships that sustain
> human identity, collaboration, motivation, responsibility and
> accountability. 
> All beguiling brown-shirt global apparatchiks take notice: local human
> ecosystems driving independence, tradition, values, organic economics
> and politics are back in fashion. Pustules of meta-govt like the UN, WTO
> and the EU are out, way out.
> Finally, people are waking up to the peril of meta-government and
> free-trade nonsense. I'm stunned that this is so hard for the 'unrev' to
> get; world history has proven over-and-over and over-and-over (sic) that
> these empires create poverty, war and death. 
> The idiotic "We Are the World" supplicants and there misty-eyed global
> society visions are causing more and more strife. Empires never work and
> are extraordinarily stupid and dangerous.
> To prove the point, here is an unbelievably insensitive and dangerous
> remark from a political leader that 'unrev' globalists probably adore.
> "We are in many respects an empire both militarily as well as
> economically and certainly culturally, so what is it we have do? We have
> to defend ourselves first and foremost." 
> - Hillary R. Clinton, US Senator, Sept 11, 2002. 
> This is so offensive, ethnocentric and criminal it turns the stomach.
> Can you now understand why empires must 'defend' themselves? Please,
> unrev, how can this be made any more clear? It is so obvious it hurts.
> No wonder 'Hil,' longs to be Empress of the World. Lord knows she has
> enough ignorant minions.
> Anyway, there are very positive developments on the near horizon. 
> No matter how you line-up on the issue, you must applaud America for the
> courage and fiber to test the relevancy of the UN. Today, Sept 14, when
> asked if Iraq deserves 'one more chance,' Bush remarked, 'The UN has one
> more chance.'
> Any meta-govt aficionado, as found here on unrev, should be thrilled at
> this historic opportunity for their beloved UN to assert itself and
> assure its position in the world community and to prove its relevancy on
> the world stage. If you want multilateralism, you've got to show the
> courage and leadership to demand it!  
> The foolish, mealy-mouthed UN created and sustained the mess in Iraq
> with its 16 paper resolutions, summarily dismissed by the member state
> and its 'united nation' of Iraq. Let's see if the UN will fish, or cut
> bait.
> It might be high time to retire this failed institution, fumigate the
> bureaucracies, and move forward to a more peaceful and prosperous world
> of economic and political independence.
> Thanks for the post and have a pleasant weekend.
> -jtm
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> >----------
> > >From Eva Cox's radio program
> >Ockham's Razor -- transcript at 
> >http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ockham/stories/s658492.htm
> ><http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ockham/stories/s658492.htm>  or 
> >listening to it (in RealAudio format) from 
> >http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ockham/audio/ockham_25082002_2856.ram
> ><http://www.abc.net.au/rn/science/ockham/audio/ockham_25082002_2856.ram
> >> [15 minutes]
> >
> >
> >Ockham's Razor - 16/02/1997
> >
> >Let's Scrap The Economy
> >
> >Summary:
> >
> >Ted Trainer explains why the most important item on our agenda should 
> >be almost completely scrapping our economy, along with the theory it's 
> >based on.
> >
>     (07)