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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: [issues] Ockham's Razor

Greetings,    (01)

This message to unrev started as a protest to all the flaky politics and
goofy 'antiwar' (?) messages -- until this brilliant post came through.    (02)

Here is an outstanding comment, exposing once-and-for-all the root
problems with all the daft global engineering of the criminal
'free-trade' organizations like the WTO and NAFTA.    (03)

>Now they're 
>solving this problem by a huge effort to sweep away all the tariffs and    (04)

>protection and arrangements which previously enabled large numbers of 
>people and regions to produce and sell things. The freedom of trade has    (05)

>been made into the supreme sacred value and anything which restricts 
>the access of the big corporations and banks to resources and markets 
>is being eliminated.    (06)

The 'global economy' is a cooked-up farce, man.     (07)

>A society is made up of many intangible social bonds, ties, commitments    (08)

>and relations - for example, bonds of familiarity, friendship, trust, 
>obligation, morality and tradition.    (09)

This is another incredibly significant remark reinforcing the
characteristics of a healthy, independent, and peaceful world.     (010)

Unfortunately, these qualities are being deliberately abrogated by the
failed United Nations, its choir of obtuse sycophants and its insidious
drive towards undemocratic world government.    (011)

Society thrives and develops on proximate relationships that sustain
human identity, collaboration, motivation, responsibility and
accountability.     (012)

All beguiling brown-shirt global apparatchiks take notice: local human
ecosystems driving independence, tradition, values, organic economics
and politics are back in fashion. Pustules of meta-govt like the UN, WTO
and the EU are out, way out.    (013)

Finally, people are waking up to the peril of meta-government and
free-trade nonsense. I'm stunned that this is so hard for the 'unrev' to
get; world history has proven over-and-over and over-and-over (sic) that
these empires create poverty, war and death.     (014)

The idiotic "We Are the World" supplicants and there misty-eyed global
society visions are causing more and more strife. Empires never work and
are extraordinarily stupid and dangerous.    (015)

To prove the point, here is an unbelievably insensitive and dangerous
remark from a political leader that 'unrev' globalists probably adore.    (016)

"We are in many respects an empire both militarily as well as
economically and certainly culturally, so what is it we have do? We have
to defend ourselves first and foremost."     (017)

		- Hillary R. Clinton, US Senator, Sept 11, 2002.     (018)

This is so offensive, ethnocentric and criminal it turns the stomach.    (019)

Can you now understand why empires must 'defend' themselves? Please,
unrev, how can this be made any more clear? It is so obvious it hurts.
No wonder 'Hil,' longs to be Empress of the World. Lord knows she has
enough ignorant minions.    (020)

Anyway, there are very positive developments on the near horizon.     (021)

No matter how you line-up on the issue, you must applaud America for the
courage and fiber to test the relevancy of the UN. Today, Sept 14, when
asked if Iraq deserves 'one more chance,' Bush remarked, 'The UN has one
more chance.'    (022)

Any meta-govt aficionado, as found here on unrev, should be thrilled at
this historic opportunity for their beloved UN to assert itself and
assure its position in the world community and to prove its relevancy on
the world stage. If you want multilateralism, you've got to show the
courage and leadership to demand it!      (023)

The foolish, mealy-mouthed UN created and sustained the mess in Iraq
with its 16 paper resolutions, summarily dismissed by the member state
and its 'united nation' of Iraq. Let's see if the UN will fish, or cut
bait.    (024)

It might be high time to retire this failed institution, fumigate the
bureaucracies, and move forward to a more peaceful and prosperous world
of economic and political independence.    (025)

Thanks for the post and have a pleasant weekend.    (026)

-jtm    (027)

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>Ockham's Razor - 16/02/1997
>Let's Scrap The Economy
>Ted Trainer explains why the most important item on our agenda should 
>be almost completely scrapping our economy, along with the theory it's 
>based on.
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