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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] An approach to a simpler truth.

	Re: I've long been intrigued by the notion of finding a
> for doing good to others that *wasn't* based on religion. Such
> a thing could go a long way to reduce religious prejudice, as well
> as the worst of captialism. Equilibrium theory holds promise...
	This sounds like a notion I call "practical karma" (I confess to not
being very spiritual). Putting it another way, you get back what you give
out (most of the time). So - you don't drive aggressively & the lorry
drivers give you room to pull in (yes *really*) - you help out the folk you
work with then with the exception of a few b******s they will help you - you
ground your economy on exploiting poorer less powerful nations you take the
consequences... Actually that last one is the problem - I don't know if you
can extend practical karma beyond the individual level.    (01)

	Victoria Uren    (02)