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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: Corporate Morality

The 'requirements' list I've extracted looks like this so far:    (01)

The [blah] must permit and encourage:
a) cultural change;
b) constructive critique of authority;
c) rewards must be matched to stated goals;
   safe sponsorship of individual initiative;
   bottom-up change requests;
d) multi-pace processing;
e) challenging of habits;
f) "Viable Systems Model" - Stafford Beer;
g) reasoning support;
   learning, and the joy of learning;
h) reality checking;
i) collaborative thinking;
j) task-capability matching;*
[*not sure about this one - looks like a bad idea to leave it to the machine.]
k) dry-run participation;
l) fast scenario modelling;
m) undermining, or better, preventing polarization;
n) information transparency;
o) creativity; ?    (02)

I might have a go at speaking to the rationality questions later.    (03)

Peter    (04)

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