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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: Corporate Morality

At the risk of joining this thread too late, I feel I have to take issue with Gary when he says,
The idea, for example, that a million non-thinking people can arrive at better solutions than a few very intelligent, thinking people who study the issues seriously is simply silly. 

Who are these 'non-thinking' people, Gary? This is exactly the kind of attitude that has prevented real democracy from emerging, that has kept millions of people from playing a meaningful role in the conduct of their own societies' affairs.Somebody asked in an earlier posting "what is wrong with democracy?" The answer is that we don't have any - all we have is pseudo-democracy, which has evolved for the purpose that is implicit in Gary's thinking: to exclude the masses and let those who 'know best' make the decisions. If we are to have anything approaching a just society, ALL of the people affected by decisions MUST be have the opportunity to be involved in the decision making process. Democracy must be a learning process, with all of us learning from each other, not simply the 'non-thinking' people being lectured at by those who 'know' what's good for them.