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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] GPL: Socialist Agenda?

"Dennis E. Hamilton" wrote:    (01)

> I think the comment was on Maloney's appeal to authority (Gosling) in
> forwarding the snippet he did.    (02)

I have to reiterate. Citing a source is not the same as an appeal to authority.
Citing a well-respected source, accompanied either by an accurate
synopsis or a well-chosen quote, is a time-honored practice that is the
foundation of academic scholarship.    (03)

Now THIS is a (deliciously recursive) appeal to authority:    (04)

    Trust me on this. I majored in Philosophy, with an emphasis on
    mathematical and symbolic logic, and syllogistic reasoning.
    I know these things. I'm an authority on what constitutes an
    appeal to authority, so I appeal to you to appeal to me, amidst
    peals of laughter, no doubt...    (05)