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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] GPL?

Chris Dent wrote:    (01)

> ... I'm in favor of the GPL exactly because it restrains
> downstreams developers from turning my goodwill contribution to the
> commonweal into a profit generating system that benefits only them.    (02)

My first inclination is to agree. And just as Gosling sees no problem
if people want to give something away, there surely can be no problem
in giving in such a way that the gift remains free.    (03)

For example, if I ever get that land-for-farming foundation started, the
land could be sold for a $1, if there were a way to write the deed so
it could never be resold for more than that, no matter who gets it.
That's the only way to eventually turn off the heat on the economic
pressure cooker.    (04)

On the other hand, if bolts were free, what would be wrong with
charging for something that was constructed using bolts? Or if it
were hammers that were free, with charging for a house that was
constructed using the hammer? Or, if I toss aside an umbrella, what's
wrong with GoodWill fixing it up and selling it?    (05)

  Label: Part of
  Situation: A GPL word processor and spreadsheet are available
                 separately, for free. An entrepreneur puts them both
                 together into a single downloadable package, and
                 charges for it.    (06)

   Label: Part of, with improvements
   Situation: As above, only the entrepreneur uses the keystroke
                  definition facility to create a common interface for the
                  individual packages.    (07)

    Label: Constructed with
    Situation: A GPL tree library is used in the construction of a
                   knowledge repository.    (08)

    Label: Constructed with, after modification
    Situation: A GPL tree library is heavily hacked and modified, and
                   then used in the construction of a knowledge repository.    (09)

I don't see anything wrong with someone adding a charge, in these
scenarios. One can even see could that could come of it, in each
case. (In the first example, the ability to market the items could
greatly hasten the adoption curve.)    (010)

So I wonder what the GPL aficianados will have to say...    (011)