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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] GPL? - Case-by-Case

Eric,    (01)

The Open Source Initiative has come up with a generic license that satisfies
their basic provisions and deals with a number of other considerations:    (02)

	http://www.opensource.org/licenses/osl.php    (03)

I favor *any* license that conforms to the open-source definition (OSD), now
at version 1.9.    (04)

I have also done work to develop a license that I find suitable for what I
am interested in.  One aspect that I feature more has to do with preserving
a chain of provenance and authenticity.    (05)

My early efforts are at    (06)

	http://nfocentrale.net/dmware/license/    (07)

and	http://nfocentrale.net/dmware/license/sdm0.01.htm    (08)

gives a preliminary sketch with a description of how the result would
conform to the Open-Source Definition (OSD).  The license is incompletely
developed, but there is material on motivation that describes my preferences
and what I am out to accomplish.  I will be licensing all materials
developed as part of the Miser Project, so I need to go back and wrap up my
license work.    (09)

Note that the GPL conforms to the OSD, but it is also possible to not be
viral (as is the OSL, linked above).    (010)

I would recommend the OSL as a base, and if you want something simpler I
would use the BSD license.  I think the OSL is good work and it is time I
reviewed the status compared to when I was looking at this two years ago.
The list of OSD-compliant licenses at the site of the Open Source Initiative
should give you a sense of the variations that might matter to you.    (011)

-- Dennis    (012)

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Thanks. That analysis extends my understanding considerably.    (014)

So what license arrangement(s) do you favor, anyway, and how
do they differ from GPL.    (015)

(Note: Apologies to all for whom this discussion is old hat. I'm
just getting a bit of a handle on it now, at this late date.)    (016)

[ ... ]    (017)