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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: International Purple Numbering Standard?

Actually I was thinking about:
1) the format of the syntax that gives rise to the purple numbers on the web(?)
2) the numbering format used.
3) the frequency of numbering in text - e.g. paragraph numbers with subordinate
numbers for every three lines or so.    (01)

where square brackets represent some purple numbering.    (02)

My reasoning was that some standardisation in these areas would provide coding
advantages further down the line - especially for projects like PurpleSlurple
where it might not make sense to overlay two sets of purple numbering if a page
is already numbered. With standardisation a comparatively simple detection
routine could be used to turn off secondary numbering.    (03)

Comments appreciated.    (04)

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On Friday 04 October 2002 09:59, Matthew Schneider wrote:    (06)

> So, belaboring this analogy a bit longer, in my day I might have read the
> report (on paper) and gone to my library to check the source:
> myhometown/mylibrary/bookshelf6/book34/page23/paragraph3 and you similarly
> (in another state)
> yourhometown/yourlibrary/bookshelf8/book4/page233/paragraph13 (note that I
> was reading from a stand alone version of "Romeo and Juliet" while you were
> reading from Shakespeare's complete works).    (07)

(laughing) Of course in my analogy we both use the dewey decimal
classification system to retrieve the book. :/    (08)

Here's an example where two different Purple systems lead to the same source
and: http://www.eekim.com/software/purple/purple.html#hid2    (09)

Ok maybe we DO need some standardization.    (010)

M.    (011)