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Purple Numbering and Transclusion WAS: Re: [ba-unrev-talk] International Purple Numbering Standard?

Purple Numbering and Transclusion:
I think there's a problem with this combination.
If I want to refer to a transcluded paragraph as it appears in the page
transcluding it, say, because the context of the transclusion is important, yet
retain the reference to its original location, how could that be handled?    (01)

e.g. Page one: <1p1><1p2><1p3>.
      Page two: <2p1><2:1p1><2p3>    (02)

I can see the germs of a solution in what I've just written - and maybe it
implies that purple number links can't be 'simple' links (in the XLink sense of
'simple'). Or that the embedding (resolution of the transclusion link) is system
dependent...? Maybe that's OK...    (03)

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Sent: Thursday, October 03, 2002 10:58 PM
Subject: Re: [ba-unrev-talk] International Purple Numbering Standard?    (04)

> FWIW, the "semantics" of the "purple numbers" in NexistWiki are profoundly
> different than they have been in the implementations by Eugene Kim and
> Murray Altheim.  In order to provide for an implementation of granular
> addressability, my links point not to a page and xpath reference to the
> object, but rather to a "home page" where the object itself resides.  From
> that home page, it is possible to do a variety of things with the
> referenced information resource: IBIS discussions, Appreciative Inquiry
> discussions, ScholOnto-like cross referencing to other resources, version
> control, transcluding, and more.
> In some sense, there is a logical comparison that can be made between what
> I do with NexistWiki, and that which Ted Nelson calls a Xanalogical
> structure.  In Ted's description, everything goes into one very long
> continuous character string and the Web page is really a "Virtual" page
> that contains pointers into the long string.  The NexistWiki structure is
> slightly different: everything is, indeed, separate from the Web page,
> which is a "virtual" page containing pointers. But, the pointers are just
> ID values of information resources which, themselves, are organized like a
> stack of plates: most recent version on top. Versions in the Xanalogical
> structure are just appendages to the string with revisions to the virtual
> pointers. There may be a logical comparison with Doug Engelbart's Augment
> structure as well, but I'm less versed on that structure.
> Jack
> At 10:26 PM 10/3/2002 +0100, Peter Jones wrote:
> >Disclaimer: I can't believe this call hasn't been made before, but it seems
> >worthwhile to make it again, if indeed I am repeating.
> >
> >In light of Matthew Schneider's recent work, and the many other great
> >contributions to purple numbering from the likes of Eugene Kim, Murray
> >Altheim,
> >and many others... all brilliant, but with subtle variations in the numbering
> >schemes...
> >
> >How about we develop an International Standard/Guidelines for Purple
> >Numbering?
> >
> >--
> >Peter
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