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[ba-unrev-talk] Fun With Computers - (How many novel uses can you think of?)

Hi there,

My cyberfriend Dr. Rodney King, of  super smart learning networks http://www.supersmartnetwork.com/ , is preparing `Thinkersheet' templates for futrure inclusion in our ADM software, and has also posted a challange on his website for people to generate creative and even far out ideas for computer use.

Mine are as follows, and you may want to add to this list (It's fun!)

Flying computers - they continually circle the Earth scouting for people in difficulty. When they spot someone in trouble, they zoom down to provide instant assistance, instant access to whatever resources or connectivity the people may need. They are the cyber age equivalent of angels.

Love Stations - Computer workstations revisioned as `love stations', networked together with a `;love-server'. The love stations are used to extend and amplify our ordinary powers of love. `Service work' - also known as `acts of love' - is performed at each love-station, and this love is communicated over the network from `peer to peer'. However, the love can also be amplified through communicating,uploading or downloading through the central love server. (This is why Christians sometimes refer to Jesus as `the server on the mount' - bad pun.)

Warm regards (from chilly Seoul, South Korea)


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