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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Re: International Purple Numbering Standard?

On Fri, 4 Oct 2002, Matthew Schneider wrote:    (01)

> There are other uses for Purple numbers certainly. But I am under the 
> impression that GRANULAR ADDRESSABILITY is ultimately what its all about. I 
> admittedly have coopted that term for my use in PurpleSlurple. My purple 
> numbers merely designate the line number of the file that I read into an 
> array before parsing through it - the numbers really mean nothing. BUT they 
> do provide a means to link to any given paragraph (or line) in the work, AND 
> (very importantly) the author didn't have to wrestle with semantics of his 
> composition nor worry about placing markup (in the form of anchors) in the 
> document.     (02)

What happens when the document being referenced grows or shrinks by
one or more array items? People's links elsewhere are now broken.    (03)

Which is basically what you are saying with:    (04)

> By the way, another pressing issue intimately related to this matter that 
> remains unresolved is that of link integrity. i.e., how do we keep the links 
> to our sources from breaking if we don't control the source? 
> I believe I have solved this problem and will disclose details shortly.     (05)

I'm very curious to hear this.    (06)

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