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[ba-unrev-talk] Google, Radio, Blogger, PurpleSlurple3x5

Barry Gleeson wrote:    (01)

> I'd like to see something like the Google toolbar that helps with the
> problem of recording useful (re-usable! shareable!?) references to things
> found on the web. I described the following extension to the folks at
> Google during an interview some time ago: they thought it was technically
> straightforward and 'interesting'.
> Once I've found a useful piece of information on a web page, I'd
> like to be able to select the text in question, then e.g. do a right
> mouse click and select 'create reference' from the pop-up menu.
> (Google and Kontiki have both added 'search' commands to the
> right mouse button pop-up menu.)
> The 'create reference' verb would:
> 1) Save the selection, along with
> 2) the URL
> 3) time of capture
> 4) any notes the user might want to add
> 5) a snapshot of the page
> At a later time, the user would be able to examine both the
> original page from which the referenced item was extracted, and
> the current version of the page.  Without the cooperation of
> the page's owner.    (02)

This is where I'm going with PS3x5 which I described earlier today in
another post: http://bootstrap.org/lists/ba-unrev-talk/0210/msg00069.html    (03)

I have for several weeks now been playing around with a multipaned
browser and some php and javascripts in an attempt to tie PS into a usable
patchwork. PS3x5 (working name ;) is analogous to taking notes on 3x5 cards.
1. Do your research. 2. Take notes and bibliography info on your 3x5s. 3.
Sort, reorder, toss, the 3x5s to create your outline. 4. Write "stuff" to
fill in between the 3x5s.    (04)

Granular links remain in the finished document. All done in the context of a
browser.    (05)

Radio, Blogger, iHarvest (now defunct) have much of that functionality but
you don't get linked back granularly but to the page. Also, there is no way
(to easily) rearrange the "notes". Nor is a snap shot of the page taken, so
if you follow the link back the page may have changed. Each of these
products has the bookmarklet functionality Barry describes - select, edit
and post. I'm looking to add the ability to reorder and to get back to the
paragraph level via the link (we could also possibly highlight the selected
text in the paragraph) and ensure link integrity. I think it's doable.    (06)

Matt    (07)