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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Ozzie's Blogs

John.    (01)

Your post, Jack's recent wondering about WYSIWYG's foothold, my struggle 
with making Linux work for me efficiently ... all these impress upon me 
that realism is idealism's heaviest burden.    (02)

Henry    (03)

John Maloney wrote:    (04)

> Hi -
> I've been trying to follow the threads in this group recently and they 
> seem to have less and less to do with advancing augmentation, 
> collective IQ, the Bootstrap Alliance and Doug's vision. Rather, there 
> seems to be more and more sad existentialism and useless introspection.
> It would be great to get this listserv back on track. For starters, it 
> makes sense to look at one of the hottest, on-going innovators in this 
> space today, Ray Ozzie. 
> http://ozzie.net/blog/
> I know that Ray and his current brainchild, Groove Networks, has been 
> dismissed out-of-hand by this group before because it is not open 
> source. (?) That sort of arrogance is inappropriate in the face of 
> true innovation. 
> Groove Networks embodies more of the principles of this group than 
> anything that has been offered up. To discharge their monumental 
> achievements and consistent flow of collaborative innovations because 
> of some ephemeral platform concern is inconsistent with the spirit of 
> this group and its advancement. 
> Also, I have had two outstanding reports this week from university 
> professors running Groove using Virtual PC 5.0 (and 4.0).  It loads 
> fast and brings the Macintosh community on board. For the Linux/Unix 
> community, there is, of course,  PopG --
> http://www.popg.co.uk/
> Does anyone else find it ironic that a supposedly future-focused group 
> like unrev uses something as old fashioned as listserv and 
> fundamentally resists innovation? It is hard to explain. While Doug 
> provided most of what we take for granted in interactive computing 
> today, unrev seems determined not to recognize stunning innovations 
> that are making Doug's true vision tangible and brining it 
> to spectacular fruition.
> Ironically, the major shakeout in the collaborative technology space 
> is significant acknowledgement of the viability of Doug's principles 
> and a sign that they are going mainstream in a big way. My concern is 
> that unrev may be left behind, bobbing in the wake of true 
> socio-technical innovation and capabilities excellence.
> As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, and Groove Networks 
> appears to be just the gravitational pull unrev needs.
> -jtm
>      (05)