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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Whither ba-unrev?

	     I think part of the work needed for the request
	     below is to change the conversation.     (01)

	     We need to know what conversation we are in.
	     There are many types. Relationship building,
	     information gathering, opinion exposing, task
	     management and coordination.... And many more.    (02)

	     Each of these has a different pattern and
	     a different structure.    (03)

	     If we are to take on tasks, then it would be
	     helpful to have some kind of methodology for
	     task management.    (04)

	     At OSU, we recently installed a sourceforge
	     clone via Tektronix in order to provide a
	     methodology to use in our class development.    (05)

	     So my suggestion to make progress on Jack's
	     idea is:    (06)

	     1) organize an overview of the threads
	     2) Create an archive of the overall concepts
		we are interested in... (IE Web page/wiki)
	     3) identify threads/projects
	     4) Identify roles relating to those threads/projects
	     5) Identify a methodology for sharing materials.
		(my suggestion would be a PHPgroupware or 
		sourceforge type clone)    (07)

http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/phpgroupware    (08)

Henry K van Eyken <vaneyken@sympatico.ca> writes:    (09)

 % I second the sentiments expressed in both paragraphs., and should add 
 % the possibility of taking Jack's NextWiki route.
 % Critical at this juncture, I believe, is a facilitator to serve as 
 % "discussion master" to stimulate moves from talk to action. Or, perhaps, 
 % distinct discussion "thread masters" to nudge particular ideas along on 
 % their paths to fruition.
 % May I suggest to persons willing to devote some of their energy to such 
 % a function to privately mail their intentions to Doug's administrative 
 % assistant, Mary Coppernoll - coppernoll@bootstrap.org
 % I imagine that a particularly challenging aspect of this is that it is a 
 % (as far as I know) yet unheard approach in discussion groups, hence it 
 % involves a bit of pioneering.
 % Henry
 % Mei Lin Fung wrote:
 % ><snip>
 % >How could this discussion group organize itself so that those who want
 % >to do x, can talk about x and those who want to do Y, can talk about Y.
 % >Yet have some way to peek over at the other groups to see what they are
 % >up to?
 % >
 % >What small step could we take today? Is John Maloney's suggestion about
 % >Groove something we should consider, as a way to facilitate forward
 % >motion beyond talk? We don't have to stop at Groove,.... we could start
 % >from Groove.
 % ><snip>
 % >  
 % >
 %     (010)

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