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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Scopeware

Does not work with Mozilla 1.1 either.  I realize that one must start somewhere, 
but I hope that it is taken beyond just another vote for Uncle Bill's 
Microhoards.  Imagine a command like "show direct links" that created a blueline 
web from the active page to other pages of the group onscreen.  I am very 
visually oriented so that would beat a list or at least suppliment one.    (01)

Gerald L. Pierce qeds    (02)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson wrote:
> I tried the demo. Opera 6.0 won't handle it. IE does.
> If you elect to view a Word document after selecting it, there is no way to
> close the frame and return to the previous location in the stream. Using the
> Back button gets the stream reset to the beginning - most annoying for a
> long stream.
> Both web pages appear to work correctly.
> Trying to view pdf crashed my system.
> It would require a fair amount more work to convince me that the system
> would work for a really long stream. Hopefully a good search system with the
> ability to add classification information to files exists that will make
> large collections more accessible.
> Thanks,
> Garold (Gary) L. Johnson
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> This links to a Java demo page that shows what David Gelernter has been
> up to...
> http://www.scopeware.com/SwopeDemo/demo_frameset.html
> This is definitely going the way I think, so it will be interesting to
> read his books. I hope there's some room left for me to be original. :)
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