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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Scopeware

Ah - so this is how it works!  I've been waiting for there to be a demo of
this thing for years it seems like.  It's pretty neat, but...    (01)

On Sat, 12 Oct 2002, Gerald Pierce wrote:    (02)

> Does not work with Mozilla 1.1 either.  I realize that one must start somewhere,
> but I hope that it is taken beyond just another vote for Uncle Bill's
> Microhoards.  Imagine a command like "show direct links" that created a blueline
> web from the active page to other pages of the group onscreen.  I am very
> visually oriented so that would beat a list or at least suppliment one.    (03)

...I totally agree.  If you're going to go for the quasi-spatial layout, I
think you should go for the gusto and show everything.  I'd like to see a
perspective view showing all the streams separately, and like Gerald says,
the various links between them.  And do it in full 3D, not for the sake of
being 3D but so that the forward & reverse widgetry navigates you smoothly
through the streams.  The page redrawing they're doing in this demo feels
clunky. (perhaps the actual app doesn't do that)  I *think* a 3D
perspective view would also buy you some scalability, modulo getting the
usability & navigation just right.    (04)

I hope to create a demo of this in the spatial hypertext engine I'm
thinking of cooking up (a.k.a. grandchild of sproing).  A nice juicy email
inbox managing dozens of lists would make a decent test data set for
something like this.  Wish I were less buried under other projects.  This
demo scenario might help me pitch it when the time comes, though.    (05)

I have a slight problem with Gelertner's approach, too.  It seems like the
way to design a system like this is to create something small and useful
and either free or very inexpensive and evolve it from there.  They
monolithic development and sale of very expensive licenses to a very small
number of customers approach seems so 1995 to me.  :)    (06)

dan    (07)