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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Warped thinking, &c.

Further ...    (01)

We see a humanitarian disaster unfolding in southern Iraq because relief
supplies (water, food) is not coming through.    (02)

This reminds me of the last week of the occupation of Holland by the
Germans. Arrangements were made between Allies and Germans to permit
parachute drops of food (biscuits, sweet potatoes, etc.) that were then
orderly distributed among the population. I remember that such drops
were made at Valkenburg, near my city of Leiden and that we did not need
to scramble and fight for our share.     (03)

You would expect that a decent regime that cares for its citizens would
not hinder supplies to reach Basra. Just shows again what the world is
up against.    (04)

Henry    (05)