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[ba-unrev-talk] Microsoft and Security

http://news.com.com/2100-1083_3-1000686.html    (01)

"A serious security flaw in Microsoft's Passport service put more than just 
its 200 million customers' accounts at risk of being hijacked--it also gave 
the software giant a public relations black eye and opened it up to some 
stiff fines."    (02)

To me, it's an important, maybe tragic statement about humanity that the 
one company that many people, even people in the US government, like to 
mention in the context of sloppy software security systems, that company 
has managed to hook 200 million people -- nearly every adult in the United 
States! into their Passport system.    (03)

A recent PBS special on cyber terrorism featured interviews with people 
with jobs in important places in government who name Microsoft specifically 
for their lax attention to security.  I just received a free preview copy 
of Windows Server 2003 in the mail. What happened to Windows XP, the 
program that was to end all software problems?    (04)

Go figure...    (05)