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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Microsoft and Security

Not that I want to be an MS apologist. but XP is not a server OS, it's for
workstations.    (01)

2003 is the successor to the windows 2000 family.    (02)

-g    (03)

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> http://news.com.com/2100-1083_3-1000686.html
> "A serious security flaw in Microsoft's Passport service put more
> than just
> its 200 million customers' accounts at risk of being hijacked--it
> also gave
> the software giant a public relations black eye and opened it up to some
> stiff fines."
> To me, it's an important, maybe tragic statement about humanity that the
> one company that many people, even people in the US government, like to
> mention in the context of sloppy software security systems, that company
> has managed to hook 200 million people -- nearly every adult in
> the United
> States! into their Passport system.
> A recent PBS special on cyber terrorism featured interviews with people
> with jobs in important places in government who name Microsoft
> specifically
> for their lax attention to security.  I just received a free preview copy
> of Windows Server 2003 in the mail. What happened to Windows XP, the
> program that was to end all software problems?
> Go figure...
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