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Book launch - Gaian Democracies: Redefining Globalisation & People-Power (Schumacher Briefing No 9)

10th June, London School of Economics, Rm G108, 20 Kingsway Building, 1.00pm-3.30pm

To attend, please contact John Turnbull jt@wwdemocracy.org - 020 7239 1390


In this groundbreaking book, Roy Madron and John Jopling propose that the way to a just and sustainable future is through the people-power of a global network of Gaian democracies .

The authors argue that the main purpose of Western democracies is to satisfy the needs of a global debt-money system through the pursuit of economic growth. They describe the operational and ideological components of this Global Monetocracy - a hugely powerful system that is imposing social injustice, economic incompetence and ecological damage on the whole of the human family.

Gaian Democracy would be a very different kind of globalisation, with very different aims. The concepts, insights and tools of this model have already been used to reconfigure many organisations and communities in very tough situations. And they provide the means by which states, communities and people from all walks of life could generate the collective power to overcome the Global Monetocracy, in order to co-create the just and sustainable societies the human family so desperately needs.

Authors Roy Madron and John Jopling will lead a panel including David Kingsley (Vice-President of Schumacher UK) and Samir Rihani (Senior Research Fellow at the School of Politics, University of Liverpool) in a discussion about the issues raised in this groundbreaking book. This will be followed by audience dialogue.


The authors have very different backgrounds. Roy Madron spent fifteen years as a TV reporter and producer. In 1980, as a research fellow in the Participation Research Unit of the Manchester Business School, he conducted a long-term study of the use of participation strategies for improving the performance of social or business systems. He has since built on that research in his own practice as a consultant in systems improvement and participatory planning.

After practising as a barrister for thirty years, John Jopling has helped to establish numerous organisations seeking to contribute to a more just and healthy world. These include FIELD (Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development), Feasta (the Dublin-based foundation for the economics of sustainability) and the Sustainable London Trust, which published Creating a Sustainable London and London, Pathways to the Future. SLT is also the lead organisation in the Worldwide Democracy Network, founded by the authors.


Schumacher UK exists to promote human scale solutions to the social and environmental problems facing us. For further information, please see www.schumacher.org.uk

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