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[ba-unrev-talk] INFORMATION AWARENESS OFFICE: Outsourcing Big Brotheror Bootstrapping IQ?

"Outracing the Fire: 50 Years and Counting of Technology and Change" 

"Sharing the Bootstrap" - Doug once said:

"Oh, look, what if, as we paid early, special attention to learn how to be more effective collectively, we applied as much of the new capability as possible to improving selected parts of society's improvement infrastructure."From the early '60s, I'd been calling that "bootstrapping." The better that gets, the better we're going to improve all the other things we want to improve, including how you're going to improve improvement."

"Computers most radically and usefully extend our capabilities when they extend our ability to collaborate to solve problems beyond the compass of any single human mind..”

"Wisdom has to do with not only intuiting the long view, understanding systems in the context of their larger whole, but also acting in resonance with what is known as true and lasting. Only wisdom can guide effective decisions on how we invest our attention, both individual and organizational, in the conditions of galloping "complexity multiplied by urgency."
- Doug Engelbart

Stop and think about this for a minute:

Thus, our predicaments:
... "[I]t seems clear to me that there is a strong First Amendment argument against any regulation that unnecessarily limits constitutionally protected speech over radio.  Since much greater information capacity would result from internetworking and dynamically adaptive radio architectures, it would seem that barring internetworking and adaptive digital radio is not only economically inefficient, but also legally unconstitutional."
"In an open spectrum world, wireless transmitters would be as ubiquitous as microprocessors: in televisions, cars, public spaces, handheld devices, everywhere. They would tune themselves to free spectrum and self-assemble into networks. Anyone could become a radio broadcaster reaching millions. Phone calls would rarely need to pass through central networks; they would be handed off and relayed across devices, for free or nearly so. Businesses would track far-flung assets in real time via embedded sensors. Big TV networks and cable operators would lose their hammerlock control over media distribution. Entrepreneurs would develop as yet undreamed of applications that we can't live without. It happens any time open platforms emerge - think eBay and Amazon.com." ...
"Advanced collaboration technologies are the critical missing centerpiece to new anti-terrorism capabilities. The concepts developed under Project Genoa represent a logical starting point for an expanded and accelerated effort to use information technology to prevent future terrorist attacks."

The collaborative reasoning and decision-support technologies will solve existing coordination problems by enabling analysts from one agency to collaborate effectively with analysts in other agencies. A major challenge to terrorist detection today is the inability to search, correlate,  and share data from databases maintained legally by our intelligence, counterintelligence, and law enforcement agencies. The collaborative reasoning and decision-support technologies will punch holes in these "stovepipes." '

Example of technologies include:
Provides analyst tools to augment human cognitive processes and aid understanding of complex arguments.

Provides analyst with supporting documents, cascaded arguments, unidimensional argument, and multidimensional argument summary.

Program Strategy: 
"Genoa II will develop and deploy: 1) cognitive aids that allow humans and machines to “think together” in real-time about complicated problems; 2) means to overcome the biases and limitations of the human cognitive system; 3) “cognitive amplifiers” that help teams of people rapidly and fully comprehend complicated and uncertain situations; and, 4) the means to rapidly and seamlessly cut across – and complement – existing stove-piped hierarchical organizational structures by creating dynamic, adaptable, peer-to-peer collaborative networks."

"The specific goal of the Communicator program is to develop and demonstrate “dialogue interaction” technology that enables warfighters to talk with computers, such that information will be accessible on the battlefield or in command centers without ever having to touch a keyboard. The Communicator Platform will be wireless and mobile, and will function in a networked environment. Software enabling dialogue interaction will automatically focus on the context of a dialogue to improve performance, and the system will be capable of automatically adapting to new topics so conversation is natural and efficient."

It does not take a rocket scientist to see where this is headed. Our civilization is racing headlong into massive breakdown or breakthrough -- or both.

Daily we watch our government do things which then have dramatic effects on our lives. Does it feel like we have government of the people, by the people, and for the people? Does it feel like our government is making wise decisions? Are we happy with the way our government works? Do we have any choice in the matter?

Well maybe so, based on the following Initiatives and Collaborative Projects at The National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) ?

NCDD is working on many great projects right now, and we could use your help with many of them. Please note that there are opportunities to work on the initiatives marked with (!). And we could REALLY use your help with the initiatives marked with (!!).   To get involved, contact Sandy Heierbacher (sandy@thataway.org, 802-254-7341). Also let us know If you are interested in starting up a new project!

- John
P.S. "Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children." -- Sitting Bull