Re: [unrev-II] Session #2 - Moving People?

From: Gerald Pierce (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 09:59:13 PST

From: Gerald Pierce <>

Jeff Miller wrote:

> Somethings can only be done in person and some of the things that can
> be
> done over a telecommunications link are still better handled in
> person.

But what do you mean "in person"? As available bandwidth expands, more
of the attributes that one associates with in person can be added.
Still there are some things....(I've heard that cybersex sucks, but I
doubt that it even does that!)....that are better handled in person.
Also I would venture to say that some of the flaming that occurs over
the web would never happen face to face and this may not be totally a
negative thing.

> Having said that there is no reason why all lectures/classes, to take
> a
> common example, need to be in person, but to get the full value of the
> classes it is helpful to attend some in person.

What does "full value" of in person cost in time and energy consumption,
Jeff? Please understand that I don't oppose any of what you have said.
I just want to train myself and perhaps others in exploring the
opportunity in virtual there as opposed to physically there. We're talk
orders of magnitude energy saving rather than percentages saved by
adopting alternate sources.

Gerald Pierce, qeds (Q. E. D. Services)

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